Lori A. Cameron

475-215-5401 X103

Lori has over 20 years of experience in mortgage work. She has spent the past 16 years as a Mortgage Processor and the five before that marketing home loans. Lori's longevity in the industry gives her an advantage over most as she has seen the most complicated files to completion as well the simplified. With her extensive knowledge she is able to present complete files swiftly and efficiently for each customer. Lori and James have crossed paths in the mortgage world before and were a dynamite duo then and now.

Lori is a true team player and welcomed the offer with open arms to join Forte Financial in 2020. Her work ethic and appreciation for her team are two of the many reasons why she is an invaluable employee here in Ridgefield.

Lori has been married to her wonderful husband, Don for almost 30 years. They have four grown children, plus one baby granddaughter they welcomed in 2020, the brightest gift of that year. She is an avid animal lover and spends much of her time spoiling her Labrador pup and 2 cats.